Super Plugs™

Available in 4 sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 9/16", and 3/4"

The “geysering” effect has always been a problem for the termite specialist. Super Plugs™ prevent this from occurring in the many sensitive areas of a structure. Since liquids follow the path of least resistance, the next drilled hole may geyser pesticide.

By using Super Plugs™, the pesticide is forced to remain under the concrete, allowing a more thorough treatment, without the danger of liquid pesticides spilling in the structure or exposing the technician. The flush-finished top of the plug allows the option of either counter-sinking the plug for concrete patching or not!

Non-sealing plugs such as inexpensive foam or caulk will force up and out of the hole. Super Plugs™ are made of tough, chemical resistant polyethylene for long life while retaining its tight seal to prevent vapor escape.

Countersink Finish

Flush Finish