Super PlugsTM

The geysering effect has always been a problem for the termite specialist. Super PlugsTM will prevent this from occurring in the many sensitive areas of a structure. Since liquids follow the path of least resistance, the next drilled hole may geyser pesticide. By using Super PlugsTM, the pesticide is forced to remain under the concrete, allowing a more thorough treatment, without the danger of liquid pesticides spilling in the structure or exposing the technician. Non-sealing plugs and even the existing sealing plugs will force up and out of the hole.

Super PlugsTM are made of tough, chemical resistant polyethylene for long life while retaining its tight seal to prevent vapor escape.

Available in four sizes: 3/8, 1/2, 9/16 and 3/4

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Super PlugsTM are conveniently packaged in 250 count reusable containers or 1000 count bulk bags with the individual pest control operator in mind.

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